Open State


Global warming, loss of species. Poverty and boat people. Oppression and surveillance. Isolation and burnout.

We sign petitions, eat organic, recycle and retreat – and yet the overall negative trends keep accelerating. Science calls us the peak society, stumbling in a perfect storm of combined crises.

This is an emergency. Open State is an exit.


Overcoming the current system sounds utopian, yes, but what’s the alternative, when our present has become unbearable? Will we be the generation that stood by when our biosphere collapsed and we lost our dignity?

Imagine people making their own energy, food and housing. More time and less stuff to worry about. Believing in their own stories, not those of corporations or politicians. Back in harmony with nature, neighbours and their inner voice.


We donĀ“t have ready-made solutions, but the path is made by walking. Together we move out to build prototypes and new narratives of the sustainable society.