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Open State is a series of events starting in Autumn 2013. We will explore, develop and support innovative projects that work on the future we urgently need. And everything will be open-sourced.

200 species become extinct. 44,000 soccer fields of rainforest are cleared. 81 million barrels of oil are consumed. 24,000 people die from hunger. On this very day. And again, tomorrow.

Let us be honest and accept the failure of our present systems and processes. Let us openly talk about the radical changes needed in our culture, society and the economy.

We need an emergency plan, and we need it now. From the people and their projects that already offer viable solutions. Always being brutally honest and using our discontent as motivation


We´ll prototype the smallest cell of a sustainable society and create blueprints for everyone to adopt.

Small and mid-sized groups of people can pick these step-by-step manuals from a web platform, free to use, share and rework. Until 2015 we ́ll promote 100 projects through continued Open State events and empower thousands of local adaptors worldwide.



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